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Perl Module Release: Env-Export 0.21

April 25th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software
Version: 0.21
Released: Sunday April 25, 2010, 10:10:00 PM -0700


  • lib/Env/Export.pm

Code clean-up inspired by perlcritic.

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Perl Module Release: Image-Size 3.221

April 25th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software
Version: 3.221
Released: Sunday April 25, 2010, 02:10:00 PM -0700


  • imgsize
  • lib/Image/Size.pm

Large-scale code and documentation clean-up based on perlcritic
and visual review.

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Perl Module Release: RPC-XML 0.73

March 16th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software, XML

Version: 0.73

Released: Tuesday March 16, 2010, 10:45:00 PM -0700


  • t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t (deleted)
  • t/90_rt50013_parser_bugs.t (added)

Rename of t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t to fit more universal scheme for
test suites that directly address specific RT bugs.

  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm
  • t/90_rt54183_sigpipe.t (added)

RT #54183: Provide handling of SIGPIPE when sending the response to the client,
in case they’ve terminated the connection.


Forgot to add the new test suite to MANIFEST.

  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm

Forgot to update the module version number.

  • lib/RPC/XML.pm

Fix typo in reftype() call.

  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t (added)

RT #54494: Fix handling of blessed references in smart_encode().

  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Status.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Client.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Function.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Method.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLLibXML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/ParserFactory.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Procedure.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm

Large-scale code clean-up driven by Perl::Critic. All critic flags
down to severity 1 now removed.


Forgot to add t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t when it was created.

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Perl Module Monday: Data::Section

December 28th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl

For this week, I’m turning the first of several modules I was introduced to by reading RJBS’ Advent Calendar. This module scratches a particular itch that I’ve had on several occasions, including fairly recently.

Data::Section, in simple terms, turns your __DATA__ section into a hash-table of strings keyed by indexes you choose. It gives you a clean, programmatic way of having multiple “mini-data” sections within the main one, in a fashion similar to Inline::Files (but without the niggling caveat that it could overwrite your source files). The author notes that it was originally envisioned as a way for modules to store their own (multiple) templates, which is a task I’ve had to deal with before. But it would be useful anywhere you want to store large chunks of text data, without resorting to here-documents. It also allows for inheritance of data from a module’s super-classes that also use Data::Section, allowing a class to re-use existing data and only “declare” the extra sections it needs, or those sections that need to be different. You can learn more at the advent entry for this module.

I already have a small CGI app that will be getting the Data::Section treatment, and I hope it can be useful to you as well.

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Perl Module Monday: Linux::Inotify2

December 14th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in CPAN, Perl

Here’s another short one this week…

I first learned about Linux::Inotify2 from a posting on acme’s blog. It’s a neat interface to the Linux Inotify system, which itself is basically a way of being informed whenever things happen in the file-system.

I was able to make use of this almost immediately– I took the sample script from acme’s post and made a few adjustments, then used it to look at the libraries that Image::Size loads during start-up. Turns out that there were a couple of them that didn’t need to be loaded until/unless needed, and once I saw this I was able to move them around and speed up the compile-time phase of the module.

This module has some great potential for monitoring, measuring, etc. I’m toying with a graphical version of acme’s script that I can have running during test suite runs, to get a better idea of other places I can improve things.

Check out the module, and check out acme’s original post on the subject, too!

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Perl Module Release: RPC-XML 0.72

December 13th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software, XML
Version: 0.72 Released: Sunday December 13, 2009, 09:45:00 PM -0700


  • Makefile.PL
  • t/40_server_xmllibxml.t

RT #52662: Fix requirement specification for XML::LibXML.

  • lib/RPC/XML.pm

Some more clean-up of the docs, removing a redundant section.
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Perl Module Monday: File::Tail

December 7th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in CPAN, Perl

Today, a short one as I’m short on time. But I wasn’t able to do a PMM last week, and I’d hate to skip it two weeks in a row, so…

Say hello to File::Tail. A simple concept, but a very, very useful one.  Ever run the *NIX “tail -f <file>” command? Yeah, it’s pretty much just like that. Only in Perl, so it’s actually more flexible. Much more.

You can use it in a very simple manner, to read from files that are continuously updating. You can control how often and to what degree it adjusts the wait-interval it uses when polling the underlying file to check for changes. You can also tie a file-handle to it. You can do things like select-polling across several such handles or objects, to read in a non-blocking way from multiple tail’d files at once. It even comes bundled with two sample scripts showing it in action.

Check it out!

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Perl Module Release: RPC-XML 0.71

December 7th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software, XML
Version: 0.71 Released: Monday December 7, 2009, 08:00:00 PM -0700


  • t/01_pod.t (deleted)
  • t/02_pod_coverage.t (deleted)
  • t/03_meta.t (deleted)
  • t/04_minimumversion.t (deleted)
  • t/05_critic.t (deleted)
  • xt/01_pod.t (added)
  • xt/02_pod_coverage.t (added)
  • xt/03_meta.t (added)
  • xt/04_minimumversion.t (added)
  • xt/05_critic.t (added)

Moved author-only tests to xt/, updated MANIFEST.

Add test suite 28_parser_bugs_50013.t, which was omitted from last release.
  • xt/01_pod.t
  • xt/02_pod_coverage.t
  • xt/03_meta.t
  • xt/04_minimumversion.t
  • xt/05_critic.t

Re-engineered the author-only/release tests, since they're no longer in the t/ directory and thus should not interfere.
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Perl Module Release: RPC-XML 0.70

December 6th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software, XML
Version: 0.70 Released: Sunday December 6, 2009, 10:00:00 PM -0700


  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • t/10_data.t

RT #49406: Make Base64 data-type allow zero-length data.

  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • t/10_data.t

Hand-applied a patch (most likely from Bill Moseley) to extend the construction of dateTime.iso8601 data-types.
  • t/40_server.t

Fixed another corner-case for the url() test.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm

Fixed a case from previous work that caused "undef" warnings.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser.pm
  • t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t

RT #50013: Restore backwards-compatibility for projects that use RPC::XML::Parser directly.

  • lib/RPC/XML/Procedure.pm

RT #50143: Incorrectly called server_fault() as if it were a coderef.

  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm

Applied patch from Frank Wiegand to fix a POD problem.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm

Some additional regexp issues on dateTime.iso8601, to handle backwards-compatibility.
  • lib/RPC/XML/ParserFactory.pm

Fixed some minor doc errors.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm

Moved the 'require' of some libraries to the point where they are first needed, to delay loading until/unless necessary.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLLibXML.pm (added)
  • t/21_xml_libxml.t (added)
  • t/29_parserfactory.t
  • t/40_server_xmllibxml.t (added)

Implement support for XML::LibXML in the parser-factory.
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Perl Module Monday: Chart::Clicker

November 23rd, 2009 | 3 Comments | Posted in CPAN, Perl

I’ve been interested in the Chart::Clicker package for a while, and today it came up in a series of Twitter messages in my #perl search. So that seemed like a sign that it would be a good pick for this week’s feature.

Chart::Clicker is a mature, very feature-rich charting package that comes with a cookbook and many examples (the code for the examples is available on GitHub). There’s also a tutorial POD in the distribution. It does pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, area graphs, stacked bar or area or line graphs,  points, bubbles, or candlestick-style charts. In short, it makes pretty pictures in Perl:


area.png, from the Examples page

The above is just one of the images shown as examples of what Chart::Clicker can do.

The module bases its rendering on Graphics::Primitive, specifically Graphics::Primitive::Driver::Cairo. This means it can render the chart in any format Cairo supports; PNG, PDF, even SVG among others. The internal object-model is based on Moose, which leads to keeping potentially-duplicate code to a minimum. Using the package is about as complex as you need your graph to be: a simple graph with a single set of data can be created in just 5 lines of code or so, while some of the examples are much more complicated scripts.

I’m surprised to see (according to CPANTS) that this module is not a component in any other packages’ lists of dependencies. It would seem to me to be a logical bit of functionality to integrate into a Catalyst view, or any stats package. I won’t be surprised if this changes in the near future, as (hopefully) more people start using the package.

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