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About Me

Welcome to my humble corner of things, as humble as a self-serving website can be, anyway.

My name is Randy J. Ray. I’m a software engineer and occasional author who has been happily grinding away at this for some 25+ years or so, counting college. I consider myself truly fortunate: I knew from an early age that I wanted to program computers, I got a good degree with classes from some really good (and some fairly dicey) instructors, and I’ve been able to make a living at this ever since. Currently, I develop tools and frameworks for QA in the Data Protection Group at NetApp.

I program primarily in Perl, but this blog will chronicle not only my “adventures” with Perl, but also my excursions into other areas. I play around with Java, I’ve been know to use PHP and Javascript, and I plan to re-introduce myself to functional programming with one (or both) of Scala or Clojure.