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Continuing Adventures with Devel::Cover

July 17th, 2011 Posted in CPAN, Perl

My excursions into code-coverage testing continue. Since my last post on the subject, I’ve released a new version of one my smaller modules. This release of the code, besides fixing a few small bugs, marks a full 100% coverage-complete test suite: statements, branches, conditionals and subroutines. (Though to be fair, there is only one subroutine in the module.)

Meanwhile, work on RPC::XML continues at a reasonable pace. I have 3 modules at 100% statement coverage (2 that I think might be, but aren’t due to what I suspect are bugs in Devel::Cover), 5 modules at 100% subroutine coverage (plus 1 that should be, but for the same bugs) and 1 module at 100% branch coverage. Presently, the test suite has 354 more tests than were in the 0.74 release— an increase of just over 57%. There were other things than this that I had hoped would be in the 0.75 release, but my change-list is getting awfully long. So I may cut the release after I finish work on extending the code coverage on the remaining modules, and leave the other work for the next cycle (when I have much better coverage in my test suites).

I’m really happy with what this tool has brought to my efforts. I’ve opened a couple of bug-tickets in RT, for issues that I’ve found. I hope that once I have RPC::XML 0.75 ready to go, I can open some more on the issues I’m seeing and be able to point them to specific lines of specific modules that exhibit the behavior.

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