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Perl Module Monday: Linux::Inotify2

December 14th, 2009 Posted in CPAN, Perl

Here’s another short one this week…

I first learned about Linux::Inotify2 from a posting on acme’s blog. It’s a neat interface to the Linux Inotify system, which itself is basically a way of being informed whenever things happen in the file-system.

I was able to make use of this almost immediately– I took the sample script from acme’s post and made a few adjustments, then used it to look at the libraries that Image::Size loads during start-up. Turns out that there were a couple of them that didn’t need to be loaded until/unless needed, and once I saw this I was able to move them around and speed up the compile-time phase of the module.

This module has some great potential for monitoring, measuring, etc. I’m toying with a graphical version of acme’s script that I can have running during test suite runs, to get a better idea of other places I can improve things.

Check out the module, and check out acme’s original post on the subject, too!

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