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I Would Like My Brain Back, Please

November 3rd, 2009 Posted in Meta-Posts, Perl

For a while now, I have been having some health problems that have spilled over into my professional life. More to the point, a variety of issues ranging from thyroid to others have made it very hard to sleep well and killed a lot of my ability to concentrate. To make matters worse, some of the medications I take for these problems have been compounding the other problems.

The end result? I miss my old brain in a lot of ways. Mostly, I miss hacking my CPAN modules as much as I did just a few years ago. I have a number of modules with exciting features waiting to be added, or bugs that I know how to fix, waiting to be fixed. And that’s just Perl/CPAN work… there’s Java, JavaScript, and other things rattling around in my head, but never quite making it to my fingertips. I can’t really explain very well in this medium what it is that is interfering with my efforts; it’s sufficient just to say that I’m very unhappy with myself over the last few years.

I need desperately to break out of this cycle, and get myself back on track. It’s affecting $DAY_JOB, as well, and I happen to be rather fond of the current job and I’m not in any hurry to be moving on to things new.

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