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Perl Module Release: Image::Size 3.210

October 21st, 2009 Posted in CPAN, Perl, Software

(Eventually, when I am more comfy with playing around with my WordPress components, these posts will be automated by my release process, and the content will be much more nicely-formatted.)

Version: 3.210 Released: Wednesday October 21, 2009, 06:50:00 PM -0700


  • t/magick.t

Removed a stray colon causing errors with some Perl versions.

  • t/00_load.t (added)
  • t/00_signature.t (deleted)
  • t/01_pod.t (added)
  • t/02_pod_coverage.t (added)
  • t/03_meta.t (added)
  • t/04_minimumversion.t (added)
  • t/05_critic.t (added)
  • t/magick.t
  • t/pod.t (deleted)
  • t/pod_coverage.t (deleted)

Removed useless signature test, added QA tests, removed a duplicate test.

  • lib/Image/Size.pm

Moved around some conditionally-needed libs to delay loading until/unless needed. Also made a small fix per Perl::Critic.

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