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Perl Module Monday: Timeout::Queue

October 12th, 2009 Posted in CPAN, Perl

This week, another in the modules-I-plan-to-use series. For my current CPAN Twitter-bot, I essentially wrote the infrastructure that Timeout::Queue would have provided me with, had I known about it at the time. So I plan to use it in my ongoing re-write (which isn’t much further along than the last time I mentioned it).

What it does, in a nutshell, is manage a queue in terms of how soon each item is supposed to occur in time. As an element is enqueued, part of the process is specifying how soon the item should “time-out” in reference to the current moment. Then the object referent can be used to sleep until the next element’s time-out occurs, at which point you can retrieve all the items that are currently “timed-out”.

In my current bot, I poll the RDF feed from search.cpan.org every 15 minutes. When there are new items to post to the Twitter stream, I try to space them out over the next 15 minutes so that the bot doesn’t spew too many updates at once. I do this by dividing the 15 minute interval by the number of updates to post, then queuing them up with appropriate gaps between them. I also use the same queue approach to set the next poll of the feed, to check for changes/updates.

The code isn’t overly-complex, but it does lend itself to some subtle errors. In the early stages, I would often see updates come in “clumps”, because I had mis-managed the offset calculations. Had I known about this module, I could have saved myself some work. It does everything my code does, and does a few things more that I didn’t think to write.

If I could change anything about the module, I’d probably just have it offer a sleep() method to avoid having to explicitly ask for the current amount of time to wait, then having to do the sleep myself. It seems like that will always be the usage pattern, so it would make sense to have it be an available method. Then again, if it’s a good OO citizen and can be easily sub-classed, maybe I’ll just sub-class it and add the method myself! Then I can make the other change– the name. Call me pedantic, but I feel that “Queue” should have been the first element of the namespace, and I’m not really keen on the use of “Timeout”, since the items don’t really “time-out” in the sense of waiting for an alarm signal or anything. But these are minor nits.

This will be Yet Another piece of code that makes my coding task easier. (Once I get enough tuits to get back to that project.)

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