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Perl Module Monday: File::Find::Object

September 21st, 2009 Posted in CPAN, Perl

When Higher Order Perl came out, one of the first concepts from it that I was able to make immediate use of was that of iterators. Wonderful things, iterators, when suitable to the task at hand. I used an iterator class to hide from the user-level when a DBI-style database statement handle was actually 4 separate handles on 4 separate hosts. So any time I see a stream interface get converted to an iterator, I at least give it a fair looking-over.

The File::Find::Object module is an excellent example of this. It takes the concept of File::Find as found in Perl’s core, and makes into an iterative, object-oriented interface. It has two features that sell me on it, over vanilla File::Find:

  • You can instantiate more than one instance of the finder at a time, as it has no global-variable usage to cause problems. This allows side-by-side comparison of finds run in different directories, sub-finds that execute based on interim results from the current find, etc.
  • Once initialized, it acts as an iterator. This has two obvious benefits: firstly, you can stop when you want without using any tricks such as die-ing or forcing $File::Find::prune. The second benefit is less apparent, until you run your find on a huge set of directories and files; as an iterator, the finder will only move forward as you call it. It doesn’t immediately sprint full-steam-ahead over the whole of the search-space.

Shlomi Fish has taken over most of the maintenance of the module. His main write-up on it is here, with links to CPAN, Kobesearch and Freshmeat. That page also links to File::Find::Object::Rule, a port of File::Find::Rule to FFO. Shlomi has also written about the module more extensively, under the heading, “What you can do with File-Find-Object (that you can’t with File::Find)“. This second posting has some very useful examples of FFO in action, and I highly recommend reading it and then giving FFO a try.

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