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Perl Module Monday: Plack

September 7th, 2009 Posted in GitHub, Perl, Web Services

This will be a slightly unusual installment of PMM, as I want to look at a module so new that it isn’t actually on CPAN yet, just GitHub: Plack. (When it makes it to CPAN, it should be here.)

Plack is a reference implementation of the burgeoning PSGI initiative. What is PSGI? Well, if you follow that link you’ll get a more complete explanation, but the short form is that it is a Perl alternative to Python’s WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) and Ruby’s Rack. The longer-form is that it’s a specification layer to decouple web applications from the specifics of how they’re being run, whether that’s CGI, FastCGI, Apache with mod_perl, etc. The longer explanation can be had at the link.

Back to Plack: Plack is the first reference implementation of the PSGI spec, and already it can pass all of the Catalyst tests. And as of this commit, the plackup script can coerce a an app written for Catalyst, CGI, etc. into running under different environments, thanks to the magic of PSGI.

I’ll be watching Plack very closely. I see a PSGI connector for my XML-RPC server in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. sukriaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi, just for the record, the microframework Dancer already supports Plack as well, see http://dancer.sukria.net

    PSGI/Plack is indeed a major piece of goodness for the Perl ecosystem!

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