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Perl Module Monday: Test::Formats

August 24th, 2009 Posted in CPAN, Perl, XML

I was on vacation most of last week, so this week’s installment of PMM is going to be both short and self-serving. For this week, I’m going to “cheat” and talk about one of my own modules: Test::Formats. (I promise to not make a regular habit of using this feature to promote my own projects.)

This is a pretty simple concept: Rather than using lengthy, confusing regular expressions to test the validity of generated XML documents, why not use the validation already built in to the parser itself? The module isn’t for use on snippets, but then those can usually be tested with much simpler, easier-to-read regexp’s.

The tests you would write with this module are tests of the XML your Perl generates, not necessarily the Perl itself. Alas, time constrains me from any useful examples, so I hope you’ll check out the module itself on CPAN. Next week will be better, I promise!

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