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Perl Module Monday: IPC::Run3

August 17th, 2009 Posted in CPAN, Perl

For this week’s Module Monday, I’m looking at a recent discovery: IPC::Run3.

I came across this one while looking for best-practices tools to use when executing a sub-process and manipulating all of the file-handles, not just the input, or just the resulting output. I’m going to need this for an upcoming project, one that is needed at $DAY_JOB but for which I’ve been cleared to develop it as a CPAN module rather than an internal one.

What sets this module apart, in my consideration, is the ease with which it allows you to manipulate the input and capture the output. IPC::Open3 does very much the same sort of thing, and has the benefit of already being part of the core. But it uses only open file-handles as its currency, which leaves me doing much of the same open/write-or-read/close logic over and over. This module, in contrast, is very Perl-ish in how it regards each of the parameters for STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR. You can use file-handles, of course, but you can also pass the content for STDIN directly, save the results from the output streams directly, redirect them from/to /dev/null, etc.

Time and tuits permitting, I should have my new work on CPAN within the next 3-4 weeks. And when I do, IPC::Run3 will figure prominently in how it functions.

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