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A Blog is Hatched, or, Why It Took Me So Long

July 22nd, 2009 Posted in Meta-Posts

Welcome to the inauguration of my latest effort at avoid real work or responsibility: my blog devoted to software, programming and miscellaneous related things.

I am kicking this effort off in sync with my return to the O’Reilly & Associates Open Source Convention. I have attended these gatherings, though not contiguously, since the very first Perl Conference in 1997. Little did I know, when I came to San Jose in 1997 for that conference, how many things would shake out and change either as a result or at least helped along by it.

Firstly, it lead to my first published writings on Perl (as opposed to papers I had written that were focused on software configuration management that happened to be implemented in Perl), as Jon Orwant recruited me to write a column for The Perl Journal. During the week I was in SJ, I met some local folks who shared my hobby, and made fast friends with them. This would prove handy, as I found myself relocating to San Jose area just a few months later in October.

Since then, I’ve been on a fairly-typical roller-coaster ride of one small(-ish) company after another. Along the way, I did some journaling via use.perl.org, but was never very active or consistent about it. (That said, my first successful SOAP application was a Perl filter to post to my journal, that in turn was tied to some Emacs Lisp code, allowing me to post directly from a scratch-buffer in XEmacs.) As chance would have it, I’ve been on something of a health-related roller-coaster as well. This is a project that I’ve wanted to do for well over two years, but I just haven’t been able to do it before now. (I’m not 100% sure that now is a great time, either…)

Skipping ahead to (hopefully) avoid boring anyone, I’m starting this project because it offers me the chance to have tools that will hopefully help me to write more often, tools that will give me more exposure to PHP (which I am having to use for the first time at $DAY_JOB), and also allow me to easily share my content with various aggregators based on that over-used concept, tags. Initially, it’s going to look pretty rough around here; I don’t know PHP that well, and I know sweet fuck-all about WordPress. For example, I like the aesthetics of this theme, but need to fix some things or it just won’t work for me. And I’m pretty intimidated by the unwashed hoards of WP plug-ins out there… it’s almost as bad as trying to pick a templating solution on CPAN!

Over time, though, I hope to make this thing work, both content-wise and visually. Read long-enough, and I’m sure to either interest you or offend you. And if I do things right, I should accomplish both.


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